The Lord's Prayer

 Let's be honest; prayer is difficult. Perhaps we over complicate it. Good news for us, Jesus has given us an example, known as The Lord's Prayer. Maybe you know it by heart, maybe you have never heard of it at all. Regardless, The Lord's Prayer is one of the most concise, encouraging, and simple prayers ever uttered. But make sure you don't allow its simplicity to lull you into missing its power. During the six weeks of the season of Lent, join us as we not only learn from this prayer but actually practice it. 

Date Sermon Title Speaker
02/18/18 The Lords Prayer- Our Father Pastor Ty Neal
02/25/18 The Lords Prayer- Your Kingdom and Will Pastor Ty Neal
03/ 4/18 The Lords Prayer- Daily Bread Pastor Ty Neal
03/11/18 The Lords Prayer- Only The Forgiven Can Forgive
03/18/18 The Lords Prayer- Temptation and the Evil One Pastor Ty Neal
03/25/18 The Lords Prayer- The Finale Pastor Ty Neal