Life Sermon Series

Have you ever wondered why life seems so random and scattered? It's as if our lives are much too complex and overly divided. Think about the various areas of our lives. We have our relational area of life which may include a significant other, kids and friends. We have our work area where we spend 40+ hours a week. We have finances to manage and possessions to keep up. We also have our spiritual lives that must be attended to. On top of those, we have our inner life of varying emotions; such as pain, joy and expectations which seem to go unmet. With a life that seems so compartmentalized, is there any hope of drawing them all together to make sense of the chaos? The Bible gives us good news! Life is all connected! But how? Join us October 12th - December 14th as we discover how the gospel connects all aspects of life together as one unified whole.

Date Sermon Title Speaker
10/12/14 Life - Week 1 - God Ty Neal
10/19/14 Life - Week 2 - Marriage Ty Neal
10/26/14 Life - Week 3 - Relationships Jeremy Martin
11/ 2/14 Life - Week 4 - Parenting Jeremy Martin
11/ 9/14 Life - Week 5 - Waiting Tim Burch
11/16/14 Life - Week 6 - Suffering Ty Neal
11/23/14 Life - Week 7 - Marriage, Part 2 Ty Neal
11/30/14 Life - Week 8 - Joy Tim Burch
12/ 7/14 Life - Week 9 - Money Ty Neal
12/14/14 Life - Week 10 - Work Tim Fraiser