The Imperfect Church- First Corinthians Part 1

A perfect church is as elusive as finding a Yeti riding atop a Unicorn in flight toward Atlantis. Perhaps you've heard the saying when it comes to modern church, "No perfect people allowed," but that is not totally true. There is one perfect person who actually leads the church—His name is Jesus! And He gathers imperfect people together to be His people on His mission for His glory and their good! Yet, along the way, we have a hard time playing nice together, laying down our personal preferences, and giving up the sins that destroy us, our unity and our witness to the outside world. Welcome to The Imperfect Church! Join us as we follow the perfect one—Jesus—and discover how He loves the imperfect church as we walk through the book of First Corinthians.

Date Sermon Title Speaker
04/ 8/18 The Imperfect Church- Hello Corinthians Pastor Ty Neal
04/15/18 The Imperfect Church- Church Rivalries Pastor Ty Neal
04/23/18 The Imperfect Church- Decluttering the Cross Pastor Ty Neal
04/30/18 The Imperfect Church- A Wise Guy Pastor Tim Fraiser
05/13/18 The Imperfect Church- Arrested Development Pastor Ty Neal
05/20/18 The Imperfect Church- What's In A Church Building Pastor Ty Neal
05/27/18 The Imperfect Church- Evaluating Pride Pastor Tim Fraiser
06/ 3/18 The Imperfect Church- The Imperfect Imitation Pastor Ty Neal
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