Grace Point Church Northwest

At Grace Point Church we live to make disciples of Jesus that live in community for the community. That is why the elders of Grace Point Church are excited to announce that we will be launching Grace Point Church Northwest on April 1st, 2018. If you live in Centennial Hills, Providence, Skye Canyon or the surrounding area we are asking that you partner with us in this new church plant so that you can make disciples of Jesus in your Northwest community! Please join us in praying for this new plant, and fill out the form below to sign up for more info.

Please join us in praying:
For God to draw more people to join this plant (our goal is 125)
That we will be given and seize opportunities to share the gospel with those in the community (Col. 4:2-6)
That as we encounter spiritual warfare we will rest in and fight from the victory Christ has already won!