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Grace Point Northwest Sunday Service


Every church has certain rhythms and ways of doing things. Here at Grace Point Church, we want the main thing to be the gospel - the good news of Jesus! During our Weekend Gathering, we gather around the gospel by singing, reading Scripture, praying, giving, listening to a gospel-centered message, taking communion together and sending one another out to live on mission side-by-side as we seek the welfare of this city. Regardless of where you are on the spiritual spectrum, we want to help you take your next step toward being a disciple of Jesus that lives in community for the community.


At GP Kids, we exist to partner with parents in pointing the hearts of children to live as disciples of Jesus who live in community for the community. We seek to do this by creating ministries that are safe, fun, Jesus-centered and equipping to parents. During the 10AM gathering, children between the ages of 0 - 5th grade can meet in age-appropriate environments.


Our Student Ministry (6th - 12th grade) exists to partner with parents in pointing the hearts of students to live as disciples of Jesus who live in community for the community. We seek to do this through creating ministries where students and parents can LEARN from Jesus, LIVE in Jesus, and LEAD others to Jesus. Students at Grace Point are encouraged to serve on Sunday mornings, participate in Mission Vegas, and attend the 608 Student gathering on Sunday evenings at 5:30 pm at our Ann/Allen Grace Point Location 3794 W Ann Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89031.

*All leaders in GP Kids and GP Students have completed a background check.


Community Groups are the primary way we connect together in community and grow together in the gospel. Grace Point Church has dozens of community groups scattered out across the Las Vegas valley, focused on living life together on mission for Jesus in their neighborhoods.

Community Groups are diverse groups that are made up of mature disciples of Jesus, newer Christians, and those who don’t yet follow Jesus. Groups bring together people of different ages, vocations, and socio-economic backgrounds. Wherever you find yourself in your pursuit of God (or your doubts about God), you’re welcome in a community group.

Community groups are different from traditional Bible studies, support groups, activist clubs, or recovery groups – though they may blend aspects of all of these. It’s best to think of a community group as a context for growing together in the gospel.

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Missional Advancement is about living out the missional heart of God in the context of community, both locally and globally. As human beings, we are physical, relational and spiritual persons. This is why we strive to joyfully obey Jesus' teaching by holistically meeting needs through proclaiming the gospel with words and demonstrating it through selfless actions (Matthew 28:18-20). In this, we attempt to emulate Jesus who preached, as well as fed the hungry, and healed the sick. Check out the ways in which you can join us in seeking the well-being of our community, city, nation and world.



As disciples or future disciples of Jesus, we seek to develop a life that increasingly grows in all areas. This can include developing a better understanding of the Bible through classes on theology, doctrines, study habits, and so forth. As we follow Jesus, we realize he has called us to have different perspectives on all of life, such as relationships, finances, vocation, marriage, and parenting, just to name a few. We want to offer classes that will help develop people to increasingly reflect Jesus, leading to deeper joy in him. These classes will be open to all within the surrounding community regardless of their faith or church home.




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