Centered: Everyone's life is centered on something or someone. This is the core of who a person is, what they believe and what carries the greatest significance in their lives. This can vary from person to person, but what about the church? The church is made up of people, a collected group that shares, at their center, certain core values that drives everything they do, live for and devote themselves to. So what are the people who make up Grace Point Church centered on? What is at the heart of this collection of people? Is it worth having your life centered on? Join us as we discover together what is worth centering our lives upon. Centered: August 3rd - August 24th

Date Sermon Title Speaker
08/ 3/14 Centered - Jesus-Centered Ty Neal
08/10/14 Centered - Word-Centered Ty Neal
08/17/14 Centered - Grace-Centered Ty Neal
08/24/14 Centered - Others-Centered Tim Fraiser
08/31/14 Centered - Mission-Centered Ty Neal