Advent 2018


Since the fourth century, the Church has celebrated the season of Advent (which means "coming" or "arrival") starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas day. The celebration of Advent helps us focus our attention on the once anticipated birth of Jesus Christ as well as His promised return. In a season typically marked with busyness and distraction, we can easily miss the point of this season of celebration. Join us as we look back as well as lean forward into the life of Jesus the Redeemer through the book of Ruth: Advent 2018. December 2nd - 23rd.
Date Sermon Title Speaker
12/ 2/18 Advent- Good Bread Pastor Ty Neal
12/ 9/18 Advent- When Ruth Met Boaz Pastor Matt Butler
12/17/18 Advent- Outsiders Become Insiders Pastor Tim Fraiser
12/23/18 Advent- Redeemers Pastor Ty Neal
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