NW About Us



To make disciples of Jesus that live in community for the community.



Live for Jesus

We live for Jesus in every area of our lives.

Live in Community

We live in diverse community as a united family.

Live on Mission

We live on mission to demonstrate and proclaim Jesus to the world around us.


Live as Leaders

We live as Spirit-empowered leaders who lead ourselves and others to maturity in Christ.

Live to Plant

We live as Christians who strive to plant gospel-centered churches locally, regionally and globally.



It's all about Jesus

Jesus lived the life of a good man. Not just good, but perfect—without sin. Historically, He is known inside and outside the Bible as a good moral teacher, a miracle performer, a lover of humanity and He embodied everything we would consider good and beautiful as a human being.

Jesus lived the life of perfection that we could not live and died a horrific death on a cross that we deserved for our sin. This death satisfied the demand of God's law, making it possible for man and God to be reconciled. Three days after this perfect man's death, He (Jesus) rose victorious over sin, Satan and death.

But is Jesus just a good man? No, He is God.

Jesus is and always has been God. He has no beginning nor end. The Bible states that He was with God and He was God before the foundations of the earth were created.

In order to truly reconcile us to God, Jesus had to come and bear the weight of our sinfulness -- He stood in our place. This is comforting because we have a God who sympathizes with our weakness, our struggles and our pain, yet without sin. The hope of mankind is that we can enter God’s Kingdom through the cross of Jesus, all by His grace — this is the gospel!

True life is in Jesus and is available to all who would come to Him.


At the heart of our beliefs stands what Jesus refers to as the greatest of the commands: love God and love others (Matthew 22:34-40). We believe a church should be known not only by what it believes, but primarily by what it does. Beliefs become stagnant and void if they are not translated into actions. We want Grace Point Church to be known primarily by its love for God and its love for people. We want to be known for what we do and not necessarily for what we stand against.

For that reason,

  • In essential beliefs, we emphasize unity.
  • In nonessential beliefs, we exercise liberty.
  • In all matters, we exhibit grace.

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Grace Point Church Northwest meets every Sunday at 10:00am at:

Betsy Rhodes Elementary School.
7350 Tealwood Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89131.