Week #5 - Hope in Marriage is Found in Jesus.

A Traveler's Guide to Hope

Speaker: Ty Neal
Date: July 08, 2012

The journey of life can be extremely crazy at times. What is the one thing you turn to when it seems like everything else in your life is falling apart? What do you do when you realize that the dream marriage has turned into a nightmare? Where do you look for satisfaction when the ideal job that was supposed to bring fulfillment and self-worth to your life has left you high and dry due to a layoff? What do you reach for when it feels like life has dealt you a seemingly unfair hand? There's only one thing that can silence our loudest doubts and bring light to our darkest moments:Hope. This is not just a hope that urges towards wishful thinking, it is a living hope that assures and comforts. Join us as we discover how to live amidst life's difficulties by learning what true living hope really is. A Traveler's Guide To Hope: June 10th - July 29th